Lent and Easter 2017

lenten bread


Lent begins on Wednesday 1st March, Ash Wednesday, and is a wonderful opportunity to try something different for five weeks, to connect, or re-connect, to the presence of God in the world, and your life.

THE MYTH OF LENT 1: It’s a relentless marathon of pain, denial and suffering.
Technically, Sundays are feast days, and not part of lent. (The ‘Forty Days’ of Lent don’t include them.) So there is respite. It stops it being some kind of endurance and makes it a voluntary fast from something.

THE MYTH OF LENT 2: It’s all about what you give up.
Yes, it’s good to give up stuff – and often what you give up will help you physically (crisps, pies, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol …) but there is a deeper gain. Consider the opportunities it brings:
(i) Reading. We are recommending Archbishop Justin’s ‘Dethroning Mammon’, which will influence much of what we talk about on Sundays during lent.
(ii) Lent Course. Below are details of our Lent course, which will be looking at The Lord’s Prayer. These groups are a chance to meet people in a different context from Sunday, to be able to explore things more deeply, and gain some things which could well be formational in your faith.
(iii) Lent services. We work together with St Mary’s Charlcombe and Christ Church, Julian Road, to provide a weekly midweek communion on a Wednesday morning, and a range of evening services during Holy Week; spaces to pause, reflect and reconnect in the busyness of life.

Lent Course: The Blurb

Two thousand years ago Jesus gave us a simple prayer that he intended as food for our life’s journey. We still use that prayer today. It is a prayer of profound wonder and nourishment, the very means by which we can know more what God is like, who is closer to us than our very breath. This course will enable you to discover new depths in prayer, as well as the joy of journeying with one another.

The Venues
– Monday Evenings 7.30-9 Charlcombe Farm. Five weeks from 6th March
– Tuesday Afternoons 2-3.30 at 5 St Stephen’s Close. Five weeks from 7th March
– Wednesday Evenings 7.30-9 Little Giddings, Richmond Rd. Five weeks from 8th March.

There is a suggested donation of £10 for the course book, notebook and refreshments.

Please contact Gabriela office@ststephensbath.org.uk to say you’re coming, and sign up on the sheet at the back of church.

Lent Services

Ash Wednesday Eucharist with Ashing, Wednesday 1st March, St Mary’s Charlcombe 7.30 pm.

Lenten Midweek Communion, Wednesday 8th March, Christ Church, Julian Road, 11.00 am.

Lenten Midweek Communion, Wednesday 15th March, St Mary’s, Charlcombe, 11.00 am.

Lenten Midweek Communion, Wednesday 22th March, St Stephen’s, Lansdown 11.00 am.

Lenten Midweek Communion, Wednesday 29th March, Christ Church, Julian Road, 11.00 am.

Lenten Midweek Communion, Wednesday 5th April, St Mary’s, Charlcombe, 11.00 am.

Services for Holy Week:

Compline for Holy Week, Monday 10th April, St Mary’s, Charlcombe, 8.00 pm.

Compline for Holy Week, Tuesday 11th April, St Stephen’s Lansdown, 8.00 pm

Compline for Holy Week, Wednesday 12th April, Christ Chruch, Julian Road, 8.00 pm

Maundy Thursday, Thursday 13th April, Agape Supper, St Stephen’s Church Centre. Details from the church office.

Good Friday Vigil at the Foot of the Cross, Friday 14th April 2.00 pm St Mary’s Charlcombe.

Easter Sunrise Service with Brazier and Prosecco, Sunday 16th April, St Mary’s, Charlcombe, 6.00 am

Easter Sunrise Service, Sunday 16th April, St Stephen’s Woodland 6.00 am (informal service).

Easter Family Choral Communion Service, Sunday 16th April, St Stephen’s, Lansdown, 10.45 am.