Friends of St Stephen’s

Caring for the historic building

Friends of St Stephen's logoThe present church was consecrated in 1880 and today the church is part of the heritage of buildings of Bath.

It costs £20,000 per year to maintain. We are fortunate not to have to include in our costs the running of the well known low-energy, award-winning lights of the tower but we need your help in meeting the significant cost involved in maintaining our local landmark.

The aim of the Friends is to help with the restoration, preservation, improvement and maintenance of the Church and grounds and to further the charitable purposes of the Church. It also aims to widen and improve its facilities for music and community activities. The Friends will themselves be organising a range of community events in the church and its centre.

Ready for a hard winter

St Stephen's winter-treeFor the past few years the heating system for St. Stephen’s Church has been creaking and only survived due to the tender, loving care of David Howard. However it was felt that it would not see out this winter and had to be replaced. With finances in the church also creaking it was challenge for the Building and Gardens Commiittee – to risk a total breakdown or to go ahead. Early quotations of £25-30,000 were from larger companies who usually undertake church works, but these were far beyond our resources. Over the course of this year it has been our practice to concentrate on using local Bath based companies whenever there is local expertise. Searching locally brought in a highly competitive quote from Bath Gas Services Limited based at Combe Down who have installed a computerised energy efficient set of Vaillant boilers and renewed part of our system. Whilst we were waiting we had managed to secure some funding but the final £5000 has been provided by the Friends of St. Stephen’s Church whose fund-raising efforts of fayres, musical evenings with local groups (see the exciting programme planned up to Christmas on our website)and seeking sponsors has made it all possible. The Friends also funded the upgrading of the Centre heating a couple of years ago. So we can now offer a more than warm welcome to the Church and Centre oozing with “Friend”liness.

You can be a friend without being an active member of the Church

As a friend you will be supporting a local landmark and preserving our rich architectural heritage for future generations.

To join, please complete the application form and send it with your subscription to the Hon. Treasurer. The minimum subscription is £10 per annum, but if you are able to give more, the extra would be much appreciated.

If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of you subscription by completing a Gift Aid Declaration. This allows the Friends of St Stephen’s to recover the tax paid at the current basic tax rate. Currently in 2009/2010 the tax recovered on a £10 subscription is £2.80.

If you require further information, please contact Richard Hewitt the Hon. Treasurer.