Charlcombe Church

Revd Philip Hawthorn

Revd Philip Hawthorn and Lizzie

Revd Philip Hawthorn and Lizzie

Every Sunday morning I thank God for the privilege of being the priest at Charlcombe. The very stones seem to sing back the praise they have absorbed over a millennium. But church is about people: our living stones carry the praise of God today. Whatever your tradition, you won’t fail to sense the spirit of hospitality that is in the church. At 9am each week we gather and open ourselves in this holy space to all God would have us do and be. Here we seek to follow the mission of contemplation and action: waiting on God in the space and quiet and, nourished with God’s love, to share it in the world by how we live.

‘I came to bring life, and life to the full,’ said Jesus. Amen.

Monthly retreats

Richard Brooke – our Licensed Reader

Richard Brooke – our Licensed Reader

Monthly retreats in the Charlcombe Church Quiet Garden are available in the summer months. For further details, contact Richard Brooke on 01225 420547.

See also the Quiet Garden Trust website.

Charlcombe Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Charlcombe Parish Church is over 1000 years old and probably the oldest church in Bath.

It is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Charlcombe, St Stephen’s (Lansdown Rd) and Christ Church (Julian Rd) are your Local Ministry Group for North Bath.

Weddings, baptisms and funerals

Wedding at Charlcombe Church

Wedding at Charlcombe Church

For information about using Charlcombe Parish Church for your special occasion, see the main Bookings page or contact the Church Office.