St. Stephen’s Gardens – 2015 update

The gardening mornings were a real pleasure once again as we benefited from more support from the community including some incredible diligent weeders – existing beds have matured and the new bed on Lansdown Road sprung into life together with the paths in the woodlands being restored by wood chippings donated by Charlie Samler. We suffered a bit of mindless vandalism on the benches in the woodlands but these have been restored and where needed wood renewed as well. In the entrance to the Centre, Gabriella has begun a bed devoted to succulents which will mature and create a new area of interest. I sometimes wonder why people cannot enjoy the range of colours being introduced and the new growth without dropping litter as we collect bags full during the summer season ! But overall I think the efforts put in again this year were outstanding and thank you all volunteers – our planters on the junction of Richmond & Lansdown Roads also were a dash of colour – our thanks to Bath in Bloom for donating the plants, to the mystery planter of the red geraniums and to the Chalmers for taking under there wing for watering and general care once again.

From RHS South West in Bloom we were awarded an Outstanding Certificate recognising the efforts put in and from Bath in Bloom we gained a Bronze Certificate – but there is still a lot to do in 2016 so please come and help.

The Spring should blossom with a glorious show as another 250 daffodil bulbs have been planted which I think means we have at least 1500 daffodils plus in and around the Church. The tubs should bring forth tulips and hyacinths yet again. Thank you to the donators of plants and please remember these are welcomed together with donations of money to purchase shrubs. If you wish to have a bench as a remembrance please do not hesitate to contact us as a further one or two will be more than welcomed not only by visitors but by locals to rest their legs and enjoy the gardens.

– Bob Carlton-Porter