Church grounds update

We need your help in our garden! Bob Carlton Porter updates us on the church grounds and what we can all do to help.

Dorothy Frances Gurney’s poem God s Garden has the unforgettable line You’re closer to God’s heart in a garden than any place on earth. After the Tower was repaired in 2005 we were left with the aftermath of building works and an area of gardens and woodlands that were somewhat unloved.

It was was the challenge of entry into the Bath in Bloom and later the South West in Bloom raised by their irrepressible chairman, Barry Cruse, that stimulated us to start the work of making these areas a centre for the community as a whole.

Volunteers from Lansdown, both from the church congregation and the community at large, rallied to – old hedges were removed, debris of decades was cleared, gates were erected, pathways were laid, beds were cleared, donations of plants, seeds and money made replacement of the railings to the front possible and a complete new vista to the church appeared.

Over the years beds have been laid and have matured, lawns have taken root, a host of Spring bulbs have been planted welcoming the changing of the early seasons.

The planters on Lansdown Road have been adopted, but the initial team by age or leaving the area has dwindled down to around five from the heady days when we could rally 15-20 people of a Saturday morning. So last season it was a hardy few that weeded, watered, planted and dug, litter collected and brushed paths and therefore we do need more volunteers.

The jobs are many and we are now in April starting the work of preparing these gardens for judging in Bath in Bloom and South West in Bloom and hoping to have a fifth year of gaining Awards Certificates. But the gardens have importantly become areas of appreciation by the literally 1000s of passers through and by every year, they are appreciated by wedding parties, baptisms and by attendees at funerals.

Donations can come in many forms lending a hand on one of our action mornings (Saturdays), by funds for flowers and plants, by giving a bench in remembrance (the one at the front is a welcomed seat for those breaking their journeys up the roads).

We have a lot to do and if any reader wants to help – donations can be dropped at the Church office – if you want to help with gardening then contact me on and I will send you the dates of planned working days (only a couple of hours each time but it makes a real difference !)

Best wishes Bob Carlton-Porter